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Add Copyscape to your business account

Copyscape: Check for Plagiarism

Wordapp integrates with a third-party Plagiarism Scan called Copyscape. You can have any text automatically checked for plagiarism and set the limit in the project details.

If a task doesn’t pass the plagiarism scan it is automatically returned with highlighted sections so that the writer knows what to change.

It’s also great to use for “rewriting” existing texts so that they become unique.

How to add Copyscape

  • Create a Copyscape account
  • Purchase credits from “My Account” > “Purchase Credits”
  • Go to “Premium” > “Premium API”
  • Go to “Your API Key”
  • Copy your “Username” and “Your API Key”
  • In Wordapp, update the Copyscape Settings for your “Public index”

Public and Private Index

The “public” index checks against all indexed content on the web. This is the basic setting to check for plagiarized content.

You can also set up the “private” index. You can upload content written in Wordapp automatically, or create your own repository of content in Copyscape so that you can check against plagiarism from there as well. This is great for ‘rewriting’ texts that are not indexed.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find pricing on their website.

For private projects that is fine, for public projects we always require Copyscape. If you don’t have credits, you will use the Wordapp Copyscape account. Pricing for this is double and will be deducted directly from your account.

As far as we know, they do not support this at the moment. Very annoying. You can set an email reminder when you run out of credit (depending on how many projects you run, and how fast you are, I suggest setting the balance limit to $30).

To use the private index in Wordapp, you need to activate it your Copyscape account. Please follow this link to set it up. All you need to do is using activate button when you sign in.


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