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Writing in Wordapp

Writing in Wordapp allows you to monetize your language assets. Simply register here, choose your native language, install a spell checker, and complete the lessons (≈ 5 minutes) to get started.

As a freelance Writer in Wordapp your job is to submit a perfect text that satisfies the instructions, without any spelling or grammar mistakes.

You must, of course, write a completely original text by yourself. Do not copy from another source – we will know that you did, because all texts are automatically checked by a plagiarism scanner.

The spell checker might not catch all spelling and grammar mistakes, so always proofread your text thoroughly before you submit it. By reading it out loud, you will also detect awkward sentences and repetitions. Switch to ‘Preview’ mode and read your text once more to see how it flows, and to get a better overview of how it will look.

You are a registered writer – what now?

  • After you sign up, navigate to the task feed through the menu in the upper left corner. Your first tasks are the lessons, which will help you understand how Wordapp works.
  • Great job! Now you can start writing in Wordapp. Since you’re level 3, you can submit 3 tasks, and your task feed will be locked until they are approved. You can read more about how to level up and increase your task feed here.
  • A submitted task first goes through a plagiarism check. If the plagiarism check is not passed and the text is returned to you, this means it is too similar to one or more texts online. You will need to rewrite the highlighted parts of the text.

Checklist before submitting the task

If you do not follow these requirements you could be blocked from writing in Wordapp.

  • The texts follows the instructions given in the left sidebar, template items, and sample content. For more information about instructions, read Wordapp 101.
  • There are no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • The text is well structured and easy to read.
  • There are no ‘fillers’ or repetitions.
  • The text has the correct tone according to the persona, sample content, and type of content.
  • Facts and sources have been checked to make sure the information given is correct and not copied.
  • The text has a positive tone with regards to the topic (as long as the instructions or title of the text says otherwise)

Receiving feedback from Editors

  • Submitted texts are sent to Editors, who make sure of their quality before submitting to the Publisher.
  • If the Editor finds problems with the text you have submitted, they will return it to you with feedback on how it can be written better.
  • Don’t take it personally if a text is returned! Almost all new writers get texts returned – this is just a part of the learning process.
  • Listen to the feedback. The Editors have been writing in Wordapp for a while, so they have written and received feedback on plenty of texts. This means that they know how to give good feedback. By following the feedback carefully and learning from your mistakes, you will get used to the writing process in no time!
  • If you do not agree with the feedback you can “submit with message” to the Editor explaining why you do not agree.
  • Be kind! We are all colleagues and even if we don’t share the same physical office, it is of great importance that we are friendly towards each other. If you write impolite comments. you could be blocked from Wordapp.

Finally: Getting paid!

Once the Editor has approved your text they assume the responsibility for the text, so your job is done. You’ll get paid once the Publisher (the client) approves the text. The Publisher might send the text back to the Editor first if they are not completely happy with it. Read more about the payments here. Good luck writing from distance and being your own boss!


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