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User Code of Conduct

Wordapp is on a mission to help people and companies to monetize their language assets. In order to create an efficient and creative working environment, we have defined two basic user code of conduct policies for our freelancers. First of all, treat each other with respect. Secondly, deliver quality texts. If users do not follow these policies, we have the right to block them. Users can get blocked in two different ways: permanently blocked and blocked from editing. It is pretty simple, below you can find the details of how our policies work.

Reasons for getting blocked

  • Disrespectful, demeaning, and threatening communication
  • Not a native speaker of one’s language: If it is clear that you are not native in the language you selected
  • Poor quality texts sent to the Publisher
  • Poor writing: Too many returns from the editor, especially on the same task
  • Poor feedback from the Editor to the Writer

Blocked as editor – Treating Wordappers disrespectfully

A Wordapper believes in helping other Wordappers, which means treat others with respect and never with rudeness. Failure to be nice and respectful will lead to an immediate block as an editor and in the Facebook groups. You will receive a written message once the block is effective without any warnings. This is the most basic part of our code of conduct principles.

Permanent block from Wordapp – Poor quality deliveries or repeatedly bad behavior

Wordapp uses both machine learning and reviews to assure quality. Please note that all decisions are based on data and that most are automatic. This means that the Wordapp team can’t do discretionary intervention. The app looks at deviations, so an editor that sends back too much, might get blocked even if they are technically being correct. Data basically proves that they are not efficient. If you have been blocked as an editor and continue to treat other users disrespectfully, you will get permanently blocked.


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