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Writer resources

About Writer Resources

At Wordapp we are deeply invested in the success of our writers… and editors. That is why we are building this resource page, with the language style guides, information on grammar and spelling and handy tips. We are here to help make you a better writer!

Please note, as you can probably see, this is a developing resource. Check back now and then to see the languages we’ve added.


It is difficult to document every difference in, slang words, phrases, or cultural associations. But there are some basic, categorical differences between the English of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (coming soon). Use this handy style guide to help you navigate some of these language standards.

English Resources For SEO

Are You Passive?

According to our SEO experts over here at Wordapp.com, the passive voice is better off left alone. In fact, no more than 10% of your text should use the passive voice. But, you may ask, what is the passive voice in English? The passive voice is a grammatical construction where the noun, which is the object of your sentence, looks as if it is the subject of your sentence. Because of this, the reader cannot clearly understand who is the actor in the sentence.

For example: ” This text can be written in 23 minutes.” is passive voice. In this a sentence, the reader is left wondering who is writing the text. A writer? A team of writers? An infinite number of chimps? A better choice would be, “A Wordapp writer can write this text in 23 minutes.” Now it is very clear who is doing what in the sentence.

Passive voice is harder to read and therefore you should use it less often. And since easier-to-read content is better content, less passive voice is better SEO content. Of course sometimes the passive voice grammatical construction is necessary, but try to use less of it. It is a better reading experience and a better SEO ranking experience!

To check your text to see how much passive voice is in it, head over to this nifty passive voice detector tool!

Grammar Can Be Your Friend

There are a lot of great grammar tools out there. But the one that complements Wordapp best is Grammarly. It offers better grammar and spelling mistake correction than your browser’s native spellcheck. And best of all it’s free! Head over to www.grammarly.com and download the Chrome or Firefox extension. It works great with Wordapp!

More to come soon! 🙂


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