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Publishing in Wordapp

After you order content from Wordapp, you need to log in and start publishing in Wordapp. This is so that we can make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the resulting texts. When you log in to Wordapp, head to the task feed. On the left-hand side, you will find the tasks that are waiting to get published marked with a purple “Publisher”. Open any task and start proofreading. When you’re done reading, you have some actions to choose from:

I love it

Situation: A great text with no mistakes
Action: Click I love it and reward the writer and editor with +3 points. As a bonus, these people will get more of your texts in their feed. It doesn’t cost you anything other than love 🙂

Situation: A great text with a misspelled keyword
Action: Fix the keyword and click I love it. As a publisher, you can approve the texts even if the rules are not correct


Situation: A great text with one typo
Action: Fix the typo yourself and click approve, awarding 1 point to the writer and editor


Situation: A great text with a misspelled anchor text
Action: Don’t return the text, flag it (it goes to the manager). The editor or writer cannot do anything about the rules, as the typo probably occurred in the order


Situation: Spelling or grammar mistakes that are not typos in an otherwise great text
Action: Return and click “spelling or grammar mistakes”, deducting 3 points from the editor.

Situation: Instructions not followed in the text
Action: Make sure that the instructions are up to date in the sample URL, then return the text, referring to the instructions in the sample

Situation: Tone not correct
Action: Check that the approved sample in the sample URL has the right tone, then return

Approve your pending texts 2-3 times a day

Here is why slow publishing in Wordapp makes your delivery slow and ends up with more work for you:

  • Wordappers only get paid for approved texts, and they obviously want to get paid as fast as possible. If you are slow to approve, they will not work on your texts. If you are fast, your texts will be completed in no time.
  • Having “pending” texts blocks the writers’ ability to work. For example, a level 15 writer can only have 15 texts pending, so if 10 texts are waiting to be approved, the writer can only work on 5 other texts. This means that if you are slow, experienced Wordappers will prefer not to work on your project.
  • Since projects belonging to fast publishers are so popular among experienced Wordappers, it will be mainly inexperienced users that choose your project, resulting in a higher return rate, which in turn results in more work for you.

Treat our freelancers like your customers!

Our writers are your potential customers. Every freelancer that writes for your project will visit your website. This is great news for you! If they are happy with your collaboration, they are more likely to become and/or stay as your customers. You can make sure this happens by publish writing on time and being friendly towards other users.


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