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Domain Library

In the Domain Library, Wordapp clients have the ability to manage the domains associated with their projects. They are able to manage them from a powerful list. Also, they are able to create single domains and perform bulk uploads of multiple domains.

Domain Upload File Format

Format Requirements

The delimited file contains UTF-8 encoded text representation of rows and columns where each column is delimited by a character delimiter and each row is delimited by a new line character. It can be generated from spreadsheet applications usually in the form of .csv (comma separated) and .tsv (tab separated) files and we support them both.

In order for such files to be valid, they must satisfy the row & column content conditions specified in this document.

First Row

First row is the signature row, and the first three columns need to contain specific information. Other cells in this row are ignored and can be used for note keeping purposes.

First cell needs to be empty

That is how we detect the delimiter in the file. It is especially important for .csv files since some spreadsheets export with commas (‘,’) and others with semi-columns (‘;’). We support both flavor. The advantage of .tsv files might be that you can use comma or semi-column in task data like keywords.


Second cell is our signature cell. It must start with the word ‘WordApp’. This way we can detect accidental files early in the file upload.

Version Info

This cell must start with the following text ‘DU-TSV v1.0‘. This way we can support delimited files prepared in earlier versions, or for different purposes.

Header Row

The first non-empty row defines the task data that this file contains. Each non-empty column in this row identifies the type of task data the for the same column in the following rows.

Supported Headers

Domain ID

The internal ID of the existing domain within Wordapp. This option has precedence over Domain URL option for domain look up.

Domain Url

The Url of the domain. When domain ID is not provided, this option used for domain look up. To change Domain URL the Domain ID should be provided.

Domain Description

Short description of the domain.

Sample Url

The sample url of the domain.


The persona of the domain.


Unique Selling Proposition persona of the domain


The topics associated with the domain, separated by commas.

WordPress Plugin Related Headers

WP Analyze

The option is used for analyzing web site and detecting its engine (WordPress, Drupal, Magento and etc.).

Available values:

  • Check – runs site analyze process if site is not analyzed before
  • Force – forces to run site analyze process even the site has been analyzed before

WP Configure

The option is used for configuration of installed WordPress Plugins.

Available values:

  • Check – runs WordPress Plugin configuration process if plugin has not been configured before
  • Force – forces to run a new configuration process even the plugin has been configured before

Data Rows

All the rows following header row contains data in the related header columns for one task per row.


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