Wordapp 101

Wordapp is easy! Read this Wordapp 101 text and get the hang of how Wordapp works in reality.

The process

As soon as the task is added to the Task Feed by the manager and client, it is available for our writers. When the text is written or translated according to the directions given by the client, it goes past a plagiarism check that compares the text to existing texts online and internally at the Wordapp platform. The next person who takes over the text is the editor. If the editor is satisfied with the quality of the task, it is sent to the client, also called the publisher. The publisher approves the task and publishes it. When the publisher approves the text, the writer and editor will get the payment confirmed. If there is a Wordapp plug in installed, the text will go straight to the blog, e-shop or whatever website is registered, automatically.

Templates with rules

All texts available for writing in Wordapp follow instructions and rules. Wordapp’s rule system won’t allow you to submit a text without adhering to these rules. The rules will change from red to green once you have fulfilled the requirements. This is the most fundamental part of the Wordapp 101 text.

  • Keywords: Words or phrases that must appear a certain amount of times.
  • Character/word count: The amount of characters or words that should be used.
  • Source URL: A similar text that you can use for inspiration and research.
  • Target URL: The web page where your text will be published. It may have information and/or pictures that will help you write your text.
  • Sample Content: Contains previously approved texts that help give you an understanding of the style and content.
  • Domain URL: The site you are writing for.
  • Persona: Your target audience. Make sure you adjust your tone accordingly.
  • USP: The Unique Selling Points of the site, what makes them special?
  • How-to guides: Guides that describe how to write certain types of texts (e.g. blog posts, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Task activities: Shows the previous activity of the specific task.

Task Feed

All tasks available for writing in Wordapp are distributed in the Task Feed using machine learning to recommend the texts that suit you best.

Flagging tasks

If there is something wrong with the task you can flag it to send it back to the project manager. Always flag in English since the project manager might not understand your native language.

You should flag a task if:

  • There is a technical issue with the rules that prevents you from completing the task
  • Misspelled keywords — write the incorrect keywords along with the correct version.
  • You feel the editor has unfairly returned the task to you.

Deadlines for tasks

The 1-hour rule: When you open a task you have 1 hour to start working on it, otherwise it will be dropped and sent back to the Task Feed. The 1-hour rule also applies when you get a task returned to you.

The 24-hour rule: After you start working on a task, you have 24 hours to submit it. Otherwise, it will be dropped and sent back to the Task Feed. The 24-hour rule also applies when you get feedback from an Editor, or if you flag a task and it is returned to you.


Points are earned when submitted texts have been approved by whomever they have been submitted to. For writers, this is the editor. For editors, this is the publisher. 1 point is earned for approval, and 3 points are earned for an “I love it!” approval, so do your best to submit high-quality texts and level up faster!


A very important part of understanding Wordapp 101 is to read about the level system. We assure quality in the app using a progressive level system that allows Writers and Editors to advance to more difficult texts as their skill improves. In addition, your level determines the amount of submitted and pending tasks you are allowed to have at the same time (e.g. a level 10 writer can have 10 pending tasks ). Read more about the level system here.


The balance shows the amount of money you have earned since the last payment. A text submitted by the Writer or Editor is pending until the Publisher has approved the text, and only then will the amount for that task be added to your balance. You can see your balance in the upper-right corner of the Wordapp menu bar. You can read more about payments here.