Wordapp 101

Wordapp is easy! Read this Wordapp 101 text and get the hang of how Wordapp works in reality.

wordapp.com 101 how to make money online

Choose how you want to use Wordapp.com


  • Rent a Lead Generation Site
  • Order Content or Translations from the crowd
  • Manage your (WordPress) Websites
  • Make your own writers more productive for free
  • Check for duplicate content on your site(s)
  • Track Keywords in the SERP


  • Earn money by Writing texts online
  • Earn money as an Editor
  • Earn money by taking Surveys
  • Set up WordPress sites
  • Manage a team of freelance writers


  • Help SMEs generate more leads for their business

Getting Started

  1. Whatever you want to do as a business in Wordapp, we highly suggest you start with the lessons in your Task Feed to understand better how Wordapp works.
  2. Second is to add your website(s) to the website manager. If your sites are Wordpress, we suggest you install our WordPress Plugin as well
  3. Head over to your business account and fill out your company details under ‘account information’
  4. Invite any teammembers that you want to work with
  5. Add funds to your account or connect a credit card for payments
  6. Now you’re ready to actually get to work!

Different ways of using Wordapp as a business

DIY or Full Service Content Orders

You can run projects yourself in Wordapp and approve the quality of the tasks as a publisher. For this you will have to build a template and create a project.

Most businesses rather outsource this work to one of our Elite Wordappers though. Elite Wordappres are proven language specialists in Wordapp who are trained to run projects for you. You have direct contact with them on, for example, Skype to synch on orders.

Elite Wordappers work on a subscription basis starting from €800 with our price list prices. That means in for example Swedish, it is about 10,000 words per month. Anything over your subscription is charged directly from your payment method.

Discount on content orders

For twelve month commitments of minimum €3,000 per month we offer custom discounts. Reach out to us in the chat to discuss.

Getting started (making money)

  1. Head over to your profile and fill out as much information as you can. This information helps us to tailor tasks to your preferences. Read about the specific needs for survey tasks at our page explaining how to make money taking surveys.
  2. Go to the task feed to complete the training tasks to learn interactively how Wordapp works.
  3. Go to the action center to make sure that you get notified when there are new tasks available.
  4. Add your website(s) to the website manager to get offers for sponsored posts on your website(s). Make sure to install the wordapp plugin or connect analytics to verify that you own the website.
  5. Apply for special jobs or refer someone on our career page
  6. Pick up tasks from your task feed that you feel like working on; the more tasks you complete the higher your level and the more tasks you can take.
  7. Create an invoice profile for payments, so that we can automatically create an invoice for you.
  8. Add a payment method where you want to receive your payments.
  9. Whenever you want to withdraw, go to your balance to withdraw your withdrawable balance.

Types of tasks

Currently we have the following types of tasks:

  • Content tasks which have writer, editor and publisher versions
  • Survey tasks that get immediately approved once you complete them as a panelist
  • Offline tasks such as app translations or special gigs.
  • Elite Wordapper Tasks (check our career page). 
  • Lead generation websites marketing and building.

Written explanation of the types of tasks

Content Tasks

The process for writing tasks

  • As soon as a task is added to the Task Feed by the manager and client, it is available for writing. Depending on your level you can take easy, medium or advanced tasks.
  • When the text is written or translated according to the directions given by the client, it goes past a plagiarism check that compares the text to existing texts online and internally at the Wordapp platform.
  • The next person who takes over the text is the editor. If the editor is satisfied with the quality of the task, it is sent to the client, also called the publisher. The editor can also return the task to the original writer with feedback to complete within 24 hours. When an editor submits a task, they take over the responsibility from the writer.
  • The publisher approves the task and publishes it or returns it with feedback to the editor. When the publisher approves the text, the writer and editor will get the payment confirmed (withdrawable balance instead of pending balance).

Important to know when working on content tasks

Templates with rules

All texts available for writing in Wordapp follow instructions and rules. Wordapp’s rule system won’t allow you to submit a text without adhering to these rules. The rules will change from red to green once you have fulfilled the requirements. This is the most fundamental part of the Wordapp 101 text.

  • Keywords: Words or phrases that must appear a certain amount of times.
  • Character/word count: The amount of characters or words that should be used.
  • Source URL: A similar text that you can use for inspiration and research.
  • Target URL: The web page where your text will be published. It may have information and/or pictures that will help you write your text.
  • Sample Content: Contains previously approved texts that help give you an understanding of the style and content.
  • Domain URL: The site you are writing for.
  • Persona: Your target audience. Make sure you adjust your tone accordingly.
  • USP: The Unique Selling Points of the site, what makes them special?
  • How-to guides: Guides that describe how to write certain types of texts (e.g. blog posts, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Task activities: Shows the previous activity of the specific task.

Task Feed

All tasks available for writing in Wordapp are distributed in the Task Feed using machine learning to recommend the texts that suit you best.

Flagging tasks when rules are wrong

If there is something wrong with the task you can flag it to send it back to the project manager. 

You should flag a task if:

  • There is a technical issue with the rules that prevents you from completing the task
  • Misspelled keywords — write the incorrect keywords along with the correct version.
  • You feel the editor has unfairly returned the task to you.

Deadlines for tasks

The 1-hour rule: When you open a task you have 1 hour to start working on it, otherwise it will be dropped and sent back to the Task Feed. The 1-hour rule also applies when you get a task returned to you.

The 24-hour rule: After you start working on a task, you have 24 hours to submit it. Otherwise, it will be dropped and sent back to the Task Feed. The 24-hour rule also applies when you get feedback from an Editor, or if you flag a task and it is returned to you.


Points are earned when submitted texts have been approved by whomever they have been submitted to. For writers, this is the editor. For editors, this is the publisher. 1 point is earned for approval, and 3 points are earned for an “I love it!” approval, so do your best to submit high-quality texts and level up faster!


A very important part of understanding Wordapp 101 is to read about the level system. We assure quality in the app using a progressive level system that allows Writers and Editors to advance to more difficult texts as their skill improves. In addition, your level determines the amount of submitted and pending tasks you are allowed to have at the same time (e.g. a level 10 writer can have 10 pending tasks ). Read more about the level system.

Survey Tasks

The process for survey tasks

  • If you have your date of birth, gender, location and zip code/postal code filled in your profile you are automatically registered for survey opportunities.
  • As soon as you open the Task Feed we check for available surveys.
  • Surveys open in a new tab from one of our partners and you are redirected back to Wordapp once you complete the survey.
  • Your payment for a complete survey is added to your withdrawable balance immediately.

Important to know when working on survey tasks

More detailed information can be found on our page about how to make money taking surveys. Below a shortened version.

Task Feed

All survey tasks available show up in your task feed with some additional information.

  • LOI: The estimated time to complete the survey in minutes.
  • IR: Average percentage of people who get screened in and are able to complete the survey.

Screen in / Screen out

When you start working on surveys you will be prompted to set up a detailed profile about yourself. This profile helps to identify relevant panelists for each survey.

In the beginning there is a good change you get screened out several times because you don’t fit the criteria to complete the survey. There can be tons. They have too many women/men already in the survey so they need more from the opposite gender to create a statistically relevant result. You need to have experienc, or no experience at all, with the product you are reviewing (for example children’s clothes). And many, many others.

The more surveys you try the better the experience will become and the more surveys you can complete.

Lying / Fraud to complete more surveys faster

Surveys take on up to 120 days to get approved by the client, because mostly they need 100s of different responses. We think that is way too long, so we pay you right away after completing the survey.

That doesn’t mean you can just fill out random answers though, or try to cheat the system.

When (not if) we see that you cheat the system in any way your Wordapp account will be blocked. This means you can’t do anything anymore, including withdrawing your balance.

Don’t ruin things for other Wordappers and make sure everyone gets their payment fast instead of having to wait for up to 3 months.

Deadlines for surveys

The 1-hour rule: When you open a survey you usually have 1 hour to complete it before it gets automatically dropped. This can be faster for surveys with a short LOI. 

Offline Tasks

The process for offline tasks

  • At times we have tasks that can’t be completed within Wordapp directly, we invite users to those projects by email or from our career page.
  • We filter users based on their experience in Wordapp and your profile settings.
  • A great way of getting extra tasks is by adding your own WordPress site to the website manager. We always need people who are able set up WordPress sites for our Leads as a Service product as well people who are willing to get paid to write articles linking to our clients.
  • Offline tasks are paid to your Wordapp and are directly withdrawable as agreed when starting the project. Usually this is weekly or monthly.

Elite Wordapper Tasks

The process for Elite Wordapper tasks

  • Wordappers who have shown excellent language skills (minimum level 9) and are very active in the system can apply to Elite Wordapper projects at our career page.
  • As an Elite Wordapper you have your own client that you help with all they need in Wordapp (from setting up orders to guaranteeing quality by publishing).
  • You get paid a percentage of each task, where there is always a minimum payment guaranteed by the client each month. Clients work with Elite Wordappers (EWAs) on a subscription basis so you are guaranteed to have work come in.
  • Payments for tasks not done in Wordapp are processed each month.

While we have direct sales teams in several countries and get a lot of organic orders, the bulk of Wordapp’s tasks are generated by our partners.

Check our career page for reseller opportunities in your country / based on your expertise.

Generally we work with two types of resellers:

Companies working with SMEs (Small and Medium companies)

With over 90 million SMEs going online in the next couple of years, there is a huge need for expertiese in this market segment.

We help local SMEs by guaranteeing them more leads online by renting them exact match domain names and improving these sites for them. Examples are takarbete Stockholm (Swedish), Ozel Anaokulu (Turkish) or Hairline Transplant Turkey (English).

If you work with locally oriented SMEs this is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Extend your product offering
  • Keep your clients ‘hot’ as they get new leads regularly which is a perfect way to keep talking with them

As a reseller you buy from Wordapp at an exclusive discounted rate and we don’t set any limits on how much you charge your client. What we expect from you is to make sure the client remains happy and continues to rent the site.

Affiliates for eShops or Online Casinos

For clients with big content needs (minimum 100,000 words per month) we have special affiliate deals. It’s a great opportunity for you to:

  • Extend your product offering when you are for example selling links, SEO services or conversion optimisation

We assign an Elite Wordapper to your client who can help with anything Wordapp related, from ordering content to managing quality expectations. Elite Wordappers are certified in using Wordapp to scale content production with proven language skills.

As an affiliate you earn kick-back each month on work done which you can withdraw directly or use as a discount on your own projects.


Reach out through the live chat.