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Make Money Taking Surveys with Wordapp.com

Make Money Taking Surveys Online

with a free Wordapp.com account


Besides Writing and Editing tasks, you can also find Survey tasks in your task feed. On this page you will find all you need to know about succesfully working with survey tasks and how to make money taking surveys.

First off, make sure you have filled out your profile. We need the following information to create a survey account for you:

  • Date of Birth
  • Your Gender
  • Your Country
  • Your Zip / Postal Code (same as with Country, use a zip code belonging to the country of your native language)


If that is all done, there can be two reasons you don’t see any surveys in your task feed:

  1. You are not in the country at the moment (if you are registered for the UK, you can only see surveys if you are accessing Wordapp from a UK ip address)
  2. There are no surveys fitting your profile at the moment

LOI is the estimated length of the survey

IR Rate is the average percentage of people that succesfully complete the survey without being screened out

Most surveys require you to answer some profiling questions before you can get started. Companies usually want a ‘fair’ mix of respondents (men/women) or only people in their target group (with children, with car, etc.).

Don’t worry if you get screened out, the more it happens the better your profile becomes so that we can show you fitting survey opportunities for you to make money taking surveys.

Yes, the survey task is actually intended for mobile, for example when you commute. After all:

“15 minutes of wordapping a day will buy you a new computer or take you on a vacation, what will 15 minutes of social media do for you?”

Make sure you have your profile filled out correctly and that your location reflects the location of where you are (to see US surveys you need to have your location set to US and log in from a US ip address).

There are between 5 to 40 new survey projects each day (on average), and each project needs 300 respondents. Keep checking in and you will see surveys soon! The more surveys you fill out, the better the project invitations you get are.

Yes, as soon as you have completed 30 surveys your Wordapp account automatically gets activated for Paypal transfers. Your first transfer is for free and then you get one free transfer for every 30 surveys you complete (worth 8 Euro per transfer).

Every month 1000s of people sign up to Wordapp.com with the dream of starting to make money online as a freelancer, just to realize that all the high paid tasks require a higher level or invitation by an EWA (Elite wordapper). Doing 20-60 surveys, depending on market, is currently the only (and fairest) way to get training with paid tasks on how to become an expert on building blogs and lead generation websites.

Note: More on our training program and the pay for lead generation websites, will be revealed in our blog on the 25th of October.

Per market on average 5 to 40 new Survey Projects are started automatically each day. With each survey project requiring 300 respondents each. That’s 1,500 to 12,000 new survey opportunities a day depending on which market you are in.

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