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Writing movie summaries for Blockbuster

Your job is to present the movie in an exciting and informative way without giving away spoilers. We are trying to get the reader to rent or buy the film from Blockbusters. And this is not supposed to be a review, more like a summary.



If you click on Source URL you will end up on the IMDB page for the film. Here you can find almost, if not all, the information you need to write your content. Spend some time on this site and see what you can use, but make sure that you don’t copy word for word. Scroll down and click “Plot summary” or “Plot synopsis” underneath the Storyline tagline. There you will find some short and sweet summaries you can use as a guide for your text. Check out the Goofs and Trivia as well.


No spoilers!

Avoid spoilers as much as possible, such as: he does win the throne in the end. Or, she fails with her mission and has to go home, etc. In the template, there’s an instruction saying: “NO SPOILERS! Write a plot summary for the movie, click here how to write it.” Click on that link and see what a plot summary should look like.

You can also get inspiration from other plot summaries that you can find from a Google search.


Trivia or Goofs


In the Goofs section, please try to write about Goofs (mistakes made while filming) first of all. Sometimes, you can find some goofs in the IMDB page and you can also google it and that’s usually enough to find some. If you really can’t find anything, you will be able to use that text section to write more Trivia about the film instead. Just change the title into Trivia if you need to.

  • Priority should be writing about “Goofs.”
  • If you can’t find any, please write more about “Trivia.”



Please translate any quotes you find into the language you’re writing for. So, if you find quotes in English but you’re writing for Swedish Blockbuster, try to translate them as well as you can.


Please remember to make this text exciting and fun!

Also, make sure that you know what Blockbuster is offering! Streaming videos without subscription and you only pay for what you want to see.


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