Want to know how to write  a header for a blog post?

Want to know how to write a header for a blog post?


1. Check the Domain URL first. This is the website that you are writing for


2. If the Domain URL is not working try to use Google Cache to see the cached version of the site. If the cached view is not working, you should flag the task


3. You need to choose a header that is related to general subject of this website and the header should be unique


4. Please examine the following examples:

Let’s say your domain is about dogs and the headers below are the already existing ones:

  • Dogs and travel
  • Looking for a good dog hotel
  • How to train your dog
  • Does my dog really need a dental cleaning?
  • Healthy foods for dogs

In that case, you need to write a header that focuses on another aspect about dogs. “Dogs and children,” “How to introduce a kitten to your dog,” and “How to adopt a dog,” are a good example of headers. However, “Starting over in dog training” is not a good one since the website already has a post about training a dog. “Are human foods healthy for your dog?” could be a header since it mentions a specific aspect of dog nutrition.

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