What are Meta Titles and Descriptions?

What is a “meta title”?

Title tags are used to tell search engines and visitors what any given page on your site is about in the most concise and accurate way possible. Title tags show up in the search engine results, but also if you share a page on Facebook or on the tab of your browser. The most important thing with a good title tag is that it describes the page and convinces the writer to click.

What is a “meta description”?

The meta description is the short paragraph of text that describes the content of a page. The meta description will then appear under your page’s URL in the search results. A meta description can influence the decision of the searcher as to whether they want to click through on your content from search results or not. The more descriptive, attractive and relevant the description, the more likely someone will click through.

An example of a meta title and description

Meta title and description example

Great meta title and description examples for Casino Slots

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