How to Write a 350 Word Slot Review in 20 Minutes


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How to write a 350-word slot review in 20 minutes

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Wordapp often has slot review projects in different languages so it’s totally worth investing some time in learning how to write a slot review fast!

If you’re new to writing slots, don’t be scared off by the terminology or the extra time it takes to write your first few slot reviews – you will get a lot faster. If you want some help in writing after this how-to guide, join one of our webinars.

Let me explain you how I write a 350 word slot review in 20 minutes.

Before I start to write I do a search for the slot and try to find a site where I can play it for free. If you are new to writing slot reviews, always read the sample text first to see what the client is looking for in a text.

Some great sites to find information about slots:



The List Items (2-3 min)

In the list you see some pre-processed items, which describe important values, like “highest payout” or “number of paylines”. You need to check them against the slot and correct them, if there are mistakes. Also, if an important item is missing or not translated properly, you’ll need to change it, so the list makes sense to the player.


Writing the introduction (5-10 min)

You’ll find the best information about a slot if you google the name and use one of the top links. Many sites offer to play the game for free. Spin a few rounds to get a feel for the game and how its features work. You can see the number of reels and lines and will find all the information you need to check the list and write your text.

The introduction should be short and poignant. Write about the theme of your slot (e. g. Egyptian theme, Fruit slot, Romance, Movie-inspired) and include the keywords like the name of the game and developer early. You can write about the sound, the volatility. The introduction should be more general, but the reader needs to get a feel for the slot.


An example:

Listing the symbols in the game (2-3 min)

Before you write the list of symbols, you have to know which kind of symbols are used in the slot. For most slots there are the classical symboles from a card deck like A(ce), K(ing), Q(ueen) and J(oker), sometimes the 10, and themed symbols, fitting the theme of your slot.

If you write about a fruit slot there’ll usually be the same fruit symbols (cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, watermelons, lemons) and the Bar symbol, the Seven and others classical symbols, varying from slot to slot. You can find the symbols easily if you click on “Paytable” or “i” for information. List them from lowest to highest payout.

Writing about the bonuses, jackpots and free spins (10 min)

Most of the slots you’ll write about will have additional bonuses, free spins and sometimes even jackpots. You’ll find the information you need in the paytable or sometimes it’s hidden under “more information”. Is there a Wild Symbol and how does it work? Explain how you get a bonus game, are there variations of the game and how are they played? Take a look at the free spins and how they are triggered. How many Scatter symbols start how many free spins? Do you get free spins only or free spins and a payout? Can free spins be re-triggered, so you win additional spins? Are there multipliers for the wins during free spins? Is there a (progressive) jackpot? If yes, how can I win it? Give the reader all the information he needs to play this slot successfully.

A great way to find more information is to Google the slot and check other reviews.


Listing how to play the slot (2-3 min)

To find out how a slot works, how you start the rounds or how you choose the autoplay settings, it’s best to play the slot for free yourself and click on every button. In most cases you have a big round button with “Play” or “Start” and some smaller buttons for “Autoplay” or “Gamble”. You’ll also find the buttons for placing your bet and choosing the number of paylines. Give your reader the information he needs to play easily and effortlessly.


An example:

Writing the meta title and description (1 min)

The meta title and description are the text that shows up in the search engines, when you look for this slot. It has to be clear and exciting, to spark the reader’s interest, so will click on the link to find out more.


Slot writing terminology

  • Developer (of the game):
    • Casino’s often don’t create their own games but list games from different developers like NetEnt, Microgaming or Novomatic.
  • RTP:
    • the percentage of payout for the game
    • 96% is a good payout for example
  • Maximum winnings:
    • he maximum amount you can win (usually in coins)
  • Highest bet:
    • maximum amount you can bet per spin
  • Lowest bet:
    • Minimum you can bet per spin
  • Progressive jackpot:
    • a jackpot that grows progressively when people play it, because a percentage of the bets is added to the jackpot
  • Reels:
    • number of spinning reels
  • Rows:
    • Number of rows on a reel
  • Paylines:
    • number of lines that pay out wins
    • number can be fixed or variable
  • Volatility:
    • Volatility (or variance) refers to the risk of losing money in the game. For a slot a low volatility means the slot pays out often, but smaller wins. A high volatility is risky,but if it pays out, the amounts are high.
  • Wilds:
  • Wild symbols can replace any of the other symbols, so you’ll get a higher chance on winning combinations



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