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How to write niche-specific Casino content

There are almost always texts about casinos that need to be written in Wordapp. Usually, they are very straightforward, texts about a specific game or a casino. But there are also projects where the customer wants to direct traffic to a certain site with the help of buzzwords that shows up as keywords in the text, yet also giving some direction when it comes to the content you are supposed to provide. This text is about buzzwords in general, bit with ‘Bitcoins’ as the example. However, they could also be VR, Live, Mobile etc.

Remember, that it is never ok to blatantly lie in Wordapp. The reader of the text you write has to be respected and might already have a lot of information about your subject. Sites that write about different casinos usually don’t need a selling tone, more objective and information oriented.

Where to find information?

If it is your first text of the project, follow the link “Sample Content,” and take a look at texts that are already approved by the client. If it is a big project, the sample text might be updated so have another look at it now and then. Sometimes you will find more information on the Domain URL, but in general, for these projects the site is empty when we get started.

The site you will reach through “Source” will always be helpful but not always sufficient. It is, though, your first stop in your search for information since this has been provided by the client.

Are you writing about a single slot game? We have a guide that might help you called How to Write 500 Word Casino Game Presentations. The two most important things are to find good sources of information (like texts on and to have some knowledge about common keyword terms like scatters, wilds, RTP and progressive jackpot.

If your subject is a specific casino, have a look at our page How to Write 2000 Word Casino Reviews.

There might be other guides that might be useful for you if you choose “Browse” and then “How to” on the hamburger menu at the main page.

How much do I need to know about my “buzzword?”

Let’s say you are supposed to write games and Bitcoins. This is all you need to know:

Bitcoins is a so-called crypto currency. It’s very small compared to currencies related to different countries, but very popular in some groups, like poker and casino players. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is almost impossible to trace transactions made with Bitcoins. Bitcoins can be hidden away and poker and casino sites give you the possibility to pay with Bitcoins and move your winnings to a normal credit card or bank account. This means money laundering. Of course, this is not an aspect you should write about, but it is good to know and it is ok to mention that Bitcoins are anonymous.

The other benefit of Bitcoins is the speed of the transactions. It is way faster than most alternatives and it is considered very safe to use Bitcoins since they are heavily encrypted. Bitcoins have increased dramatically in value and that is one of the reasons why it is such a common word in the search engines. A lot of people think that Bitcoins have a really bright future, especially in times of economic turbulence.

English Wikipedia is usually a really good source for easily digested summaries. You should never quote Wikipedia but if the subject is popular, you can trust the information.

About keywords

The biggest problem, for most writers, in the type of text that you are about to write is to integrate the keywords in a way that makes sense in normal sentences. It is important to know that keywords are there for a reason. They score high in Google searches and this is more important than if they are easy for you to use in a beautiful way. You should only flag keywords if they aren’t spelled correctly, if they should have been translated, or if you feel that they really are destroying your text.

In a similar project, the customer did not send back a single text because of grammatically imperfect keywords sentences. The casino guys (who ordered those texts) are fully aware of this little dilemma. Keep that in mind and do your best. If it IS possible to write grammatically correct with keywords you should do it, of course. As an editor, you can send back a text if you feel that it could have been integrated in a better way.

In this project, you will sometimes find instructions that just doesn’t make sense. I had to work with “Bitcoin software casino developer” as my main keyword in one of those texts. It is not the software company that develops casinos, they only make some of the games a casino offers. And there is no specific Bitcoin software… In a case like that focus on Poker (or whatever it is that you are writing about) and just add some Bitcoin info here and there. No one expects a text with that kind of main keyword to be perfectly logical. Try to see your work in the bigger picture. It’s not the text in itself that is important – it’s the bridge to other pages that sometimes is the purpose of SEO writing.

Finding the right image

It is important that the images you upload come from one of the sources that are listed in the instructions. But do not upload the same image more than once, no matter how many texts you do for a project. If every page on the site we are working for has the same Bitcoin symbol, Wordapp isn’t providing enough value. I recommend that you use several of the stock photo resources that are listed, but not the same ones all the time. If the photo you uploaded has the wrong size – it’s really easy to change size in Paint (if you are a Windows user). Do not use the same photos as in the sample texts. Feel free to be creative!


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