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How to Write Metas That Boost Your Serp in 2 Minutes

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How to Write metas that boost your Serp in 2 minutes

What is a Meta Title?

Before we can understand what a Meta Title is we must first understand how search engines find your website and rank it according to the popularity and prevalence of a search. A Meta Tag is a keyword or phrase that search engines can see and rank. A Meta Title is the HTML component of a heading or title that has been created for a web page using the Meta Tag. The Meta Title is what web browsers will display in list form when a search has been conducted. If you have been tasked with writing Meta Titles for Wordapp, you may be thinking that you have a pretty easy job on your hands. However, these little texts need to be masterfully created and engineered to ensure a website’s success.

What is a Meta Description?

A Meta Description is exactly what it sounds like – a short description of the information that can be found on a web page. Usually consisting of 150-160 characters these Meta Descriptions will appear directly under the blue link on a search engine list page. They are important for search engine purposes and your click through rate of enticing customers to your website. You should think of the Meta Description as a short advertisement of what is on your site, using it to bring more visitors or sales.

Although Google stated in 2009 that Meta Descriptions do not factor into search engines ranking when human beings use the advanced search options of a website they can set specific HTML meta options. Google will check on the click through rate of a website and the more visitors it has had, the more likely it is that the site is what a searcher is looking for.

What is CTR (click through rate)?

So now it seems important to understand the concept of a Click Through Rate (CTR). Simply put the CTR is the ratio of users who have selected a particular link to the total number of users who view a page or advertisement. Used to measure the success of a web page, your CTR is directly influenced by the quality of your Meta Description.

How to write a good Meta Title

There are a few things that you need to consider when you are creating a Meta Title. The first one is that they should only be 50-60 characters long. But Wordapp will take care of that aspect for you as part of the rules they provide writers with when writing a text.

Step 1: Focus keyword is always first as a rule

You must consider the Keyword placement. You will be provided with the keyword that is most relevant to the particular page you are creating Meta Titles for, but it is your job to include that keyword in the right place. The primary keyword should appear at the very beginning of your title with the less important ones placed further into the character count. Wordapp handles that for you as well, as the rule is set to first for the keyword.

Step 2: Brand and company names

The inclusion of the brand name in the Meta Title is something that can always be considered. Although not a necessary keyword to include, this addition will leave the searcher with a lasting memory of the business or brand you are writing for. Be careful not to overuse any word in a Meta Title or Description for that matter as it will lost it’s power and become a blur to the reader if it appears too many times.

Step 3: The purpose is to make the user click on the title to read more

Make it relevant. A Meta Title should reflect the actual content that a user will see when they click on your pages link. For this reason, it is also important not to duplicate titles in any way.

Step 4: It is the Quality of your keywords rather than the Quantity

Do not try to add too many keywords into your Meta Title. Include the most important at the beginning (or as early as you possibly can in the title) and then use this keyword and any other available keywords to create a relevant and descriptive title.

Step 5: Find inspiration by searching for other good meta titles

Before you have settled on a specific Meta Title, search for the keywords that you have been asked to use. This way you can see what is generated in Google search results already and get an idea of what is ranking well for the industry that you are writing for.


If we take the following Meta Title as an example:
  • Live Baccarat – Win Big With The Best Live Dealers At redbet
  • You can see that the main keyword for this title was the name of the game – Live Baccarat
  • There is also a clear description of what you are going to get if you click on the link – A chance to win big, and The best live dealers.
  • The brand has been wisely added at the end of the title to allow visitors to remember the site that they are going to be visiting.


Meta titles should be clear and concise and use snappy attention grabbing words to pull or entice a visitor to click on the little blue link that appears on their screen.

How to write a good Meta Description

A Meta Description should be thought of like the last opportunity to create a sales pitch that will entice a searcher to a site. The focus should be on persuading people to click on a page, without sounding too salesy. But it also needs to be accurate and descriptive of the content that is on a page.

Step 1: Call to action

Include a call to action with action orientated language. Learn More, Read, Be Part Of, are all words that inspire people to do something, or be part of something. It draws the reader into the description and invites them to click on the link above and ‘get something’ out of it.

Step 2: Include a question

Another good way to draw a reader into a description is by asking a question that they may have also been asking. For example ‘Looking to bet on your favorite sports team?’ This description beginning asks a question, but it is also alluding to the fact that this is a site where you can do such a thing. It is a clever way of inviting the searcher to come to your site and get this done. You are providing a solution or benefit to the actual human being reading your description.

Step 3

Again the character count in Meta Descriptions is important. This is an important factor for you to understand, and not blindly follow the rules that Wordapp has set for you. Meta descriptions should be max 145 characters long because Google will cut off your description within a certain amount of pixels and 120 – 145 characters generally fit into this range.

Note. Wordapp supports minimum and maximum pixel count but not all clients want it.

Step 4: Be honest

A Meta Description must be an honest reflection of what a person is actually going to find on your page. You can package it cleverly and appealingly, but you must not be deceiving in any way. You will be penalized for any such behavior in more ways than one.

Step 5: Be relevant

Be specific and relevant in your creation of a Meta Description by using descriptive language that is appealing to a reader. I am not suggesting that you pack a description with fluff words, but as you only have 145 characters to get your point across learning how to write in a concise, descriptive way is essential to Meta Description creation.

Step 6: Search for inspiration

Again my last tip is to search yourself for the keywords that are going to be used in the Meta Description. Once you see what types of descriptions are out there in relation to the industry that you are writing for, you will be able more clearly see what appeals to your intended audience.


If we take the following Meta Description as an example:

Feel the rush: Experience real money, real dealers, real action; with Live Baccarat at redbet online casino
  • Looking at this Meta Description you can see:
    There is an invitation for the searcher to click on the link and receive a benefit from doing so – If you click on this link you too can “feel the rush” that is associated with this casino
  • The above statement also uses action orientated language by inviting visitors to come to the site and enjoy everything it has to offer.
  • There is also an accurate and concise description of what you will find on the site – “real money, real dealers, and real action”.
  • This description uses the correct amount of keywords to ensure a good ranking while not over stuffing the sentences with too many keywords. Live Baccarat, redbet and Online Casino will all rank highly in a Google Search yet they are worked into the sentence in a seamless way.

redbet Meta Titles and Descriptions:

For this project there are 6 different Meta types that you are going to create:

Utility pages, Specific Pages, Promotions, Homepage, Game pages, and category pages.

Although each one of the Meta Titles and Descriptions are going to be created using the above information and guidelines, it is important that you understand the subtle differences that each one of these pages contains.

The best way to understand the perfect way to create these Meta Titles and Descriptions is to look at the Source URL and google the Keywords that are going be used in the text. Once you understand the content on the page and have researched what is ranking well in Google, it is time to let creativity take over and use your newfound knowledge to create a meta that is inviting, appealing and worthy of a sales copy.

Read the following examples to see how a Meta Title and Meta Description has been created for each page category that you are going to be faced with.

A few notes that are important:

  • If you are writing about a game, the name of the game is the most important Keyword and should be used as early as possible in the text
  • If you are writing a Meta for a category page, it is important that the specific category you are writing for is mentioned in the meta, for example, /live-casino, or /table-games it is important that this point is conveyed.
  • When you are writing for a specific page like Terms and Conditions or FAQ, these words need to be used to describe what is on the page.
  • If it is a utility page for redbet, then the brand name must be included when writing about the page
  • When you are referring to Live games on the site ensure that you write Live Baccarat or Live Blackjack and not just Baccarat and Blackjack.
  • And of course, the brand name is redbet and should be included where possible in a seamless way that fits with the rest of the writing. Also, ensure that you spell redbet without a capital letter as this is the brand you are writing for and should always be spelt correctly.

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