How to Write 500 Word Voucher Texts in 15 Minutes


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How to Write 500 Word Voucher Texts in 15 Minutes

When you are writing about vouchers at different companies you are writing about them, not like you are that company. You are the company providing the reader with the voucher, only in those paragraphs you can use “here/we/at this site” etc.

Step 1 – What are you writing?

Check the template and the sample text. What tone is used, and what are you supposed to focus on? Usually you can summarize the text in questions you need to answer.
The questions usually include something like this when it comes to voucher texts:

  • Who is this company you are writing about?
  • What makes this company unique, what differentiates them from other companies selling similar products?
  • Who is the target group for this company?
  • What products are they selling?
  • How does delivery work for this company if you order online?
  • How does it work if you want to return something to this company?
  • What kind of vouchers can you find on this site (the one you are writing for, Domain URL)?
  • Why should you use vouchers?
  • When should you use vouchers?

Step 2 – Finding the information to answer those questions

Start with going to the company’s website. This might be added as a Source URL, if not it is usually the main keyword .dk, .se, .de, .fi, you got the picture 😉
If the company webpage lack the information you can try to google the question + company name. “What does Wordapp sell?” could be an example. You can try Wikipedia or forums too, but be critical to the source of information so you are sure it is correct.
Specific company information is usually added in the top menu or at the bottom of the front page under ‘About us’ or ‘Who are we’. Otherwise most questions are covered in the FAQ or Terms and Conditions.

Step 3 – Identifying the important info for this text

It is important to keep a neutral tone to the company you are writing about, and at the same time encourage the reader to use the voucher you are offering for this company.
Its a fine line between being positive and over selling. Be positive through interesting information about the company. Do not repeat yourself, it makes it seems like there is nothing positive to be said about the company.

To identify the target group and the tone of the company you can also look at the pictures, are the people young, old, professionals, women, men? Read some product descriptions, is it very technical or something ‘everyone’ can understand? If they have a Facebook or Instagram account this might help you too.
NOTE: Don’t make statements like “this is a brand for young female” if that isn’t stated on the site, if you do so you exclude everyone that doesn’t fit in that group. Rather, be more vague, “as a young female you can find what you need here”.

Regarding products, never mention a specific product since that might change over time. Also make sure you are timeless in sense of season, so nothing like “winter is coming, get a new ski jacket” because someone will for sure read that text in the summer too.

Step 4 – Last check before sending it forward

Spelling and grammar: Make sure the Spell check is installed and you have fixed all spelling and grammar mistakes. Sent back because of this reason will give you minus points.

Readability: The text is easy to read. Sentences are not too long, nor too short. Texts online are usually browsed through, so make sure your text is easy to read at a “glance.”

Plagiarism: When writing about a company it is easy to accidentally use the same sentence structure as the source. If you do so it might be caught by the plagiarism scan and sent back to you. Usually those mistakes are not intentionally, but keep in mind to rephrase as much as possible so your text stays unique.


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