How to Write 500 Word Casino Game Presentations in 27 Minutes


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How to Write 500 Word Casino Game Presentations in 27 Minutes

Casino texts will, most likely, be your bread’n butter in Wordapp during the foreseeable future since it’s the most common project in the app. They can be really boring to write and the very first ones is usually tricky. The purpose of this text is to set you on the right track from the beginning. This document will provide more sources of information than you will actually need and more tips and tricks than you can fit into a single text. But if you read it you will be able to write texts that are not just good enough but also varied in relation to each other. With very little effort.

Hopefully this text will answer two questions:

  • Where do I find useful information?
  • What do I need to know about casino games before writing about them?

Four sources of information

Source 1 – The Sample

If it’s your first casino text, you need to read the Sample. There should be a link to it when you have opened the task in the application. The Sample is a text about your subject that is considered to be pretty good and reading it will give you much information about how to handle keywords and what tone the customer asks for. I you want more samples – just read about the games with descriptions that has been published already on the casino’s site.

Source 2 – The Game itself

To take a look at the game itself is the best way to understand it. Just google the name of the game and click on the top links until you find a site where you can actually play it (for free and without starting a casino account). If you don’t have flash on your computer, you might have to install it. If you just look at the main page of the game you will find much information about many of the subjects that are mentioned in the instructions over every text textbox in wordapp. You can see how many wheels the game has and how the symbols look like. Spin the wheels until you win something so that you know if there is any animations. Write down your impressions of the sounds (background music and effects) and visuals of the game. In most cases you will be able to find more technical details about the game through an info or “winnings” button. That will lead you to a lot of info about free spins, bonuses and the payout of the different symbols.

Source 3 – Google it

If you are writing a text in a small language. It doesn’t matter which slot you are writing about; there is always someone who has already done the job in English or Swedish. Just write the name of the slot in Google and you will, nine times out of ten, find what you are looking for. To read a couple of reviews or presentations on other casinos is very good if you are running out of ideas or just don’t understand what the game is about. Reviews usually contain neat boxes with some of the hard facts you are looking for. Like RTP, number of wheels etc. This can be a faster way of collecting info than clicking through the info menus of the game itself. The only problem is that the facts isn’t always correct. And you shouldn’t just copy the sentences, not even if you translate it. and is two good sites that has info about many games. On you can try many of the games directly in your browser so it´s a good ”all in one” stop.

Source 4 – Check out the game’s website

The game developer’s own site about the games provides information that can be trusted, if you can find such a site. If you are writing about a NetEnt game, i recommend this source of information. You are also supposed to write a sentence or two about the developer but it doesn’t take long to memorize the few interesting facts there is to know about Microgaming, NetEnt and the other big companies. The usually have wikipedia articles.

Things to consider:

If you have very little knowledge about slot machines and other types of casino games and if your intention is to work with this project, you should spend fifteen minutes reading the wikipedia article ”Slot machine.” Reading that will lower the risk for mistakes. And, the more you know, the faster you will write.

If you have jackpot as a keyword you need to know if the game has a progressive jackpot or not. Progressive jackpots gets bigger the more the game is played. This can lead to staggering winnings. Jackpot can also be the highest possible win from a game that doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. This is usually described as a multiplier. Your game might pay out 5000 times the size of the bet.

If you have the keyword “best casino game” or something similar you should not always use it as if every game you write about is the best game in the world. But maybe it can be described as the best casino game in a specific category?

If its seems difficult or to time consuming to fill the word count, you can always write about the category of the game in more general terms. Is it a vintage looking game without special features? A lot of people likes it that way. Is it a 3D slot with lots of extras and a ”story”? If the game is based on a phenomenon from pop-culture like a movie, a book or a rock band you can write a little about this since it is a trend in the business. Its common today that game developers buy the rights to use art design, music, script etc because they know it attract more casino players.

A normal RTP (return to player) is 96%, never write that the RTP is good if it’s less than that.

If you have keywords like mobile or 4g, you need to try to find out if there is a mobile version of the game. If you can’t find that info on your main source of information just google the name of the game + mobile and you can probably find the info without even clicking on any of the suggested pages.

If the game you are writing about doesn’t have a bonus game but you have bonus game as a keyword you can write that the free spins feature (if there is one) has the same function as a bonus game or just tell reader that there is no bonus feature here…


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