How to Write 400 Word Fashion Category Texts in 20 Minutes


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How to Write 400 Word Fashion Category Texts in 20 Minutes

Rule 1: Get The Tone Right

All clothing brands or shops have their own target audience and it is very important that you follow the tone that fits that audience. It is usually specified what kind of tone that’s required, but if there isn’t a specified tone in the task, just try to imagine what kind of person that is likely to wear the shops clothing. For example, you don’t want to use trendy buzz words for a company that sells clothing for more mature people. In the same way, you don’t want to use an outdated language for a company that targets young fashionistas.


  • For Nelly (young audience): Get our boho-chic skirts here! Famous from Instagram.
  • For Eastex (mature audience): Get our elegant and comfortable skirts here, perfect for everyday wear.
  • NB: Don’t overdo it with the buzzwords either — find a balance that works!

Rule 2: Soften Your Sales Pitch, Inspire Instead

Usually, the text is meant to inspire the reader to buy something, but do not make this too obvious since it can make the reader uncomfortable and therefore yield the opposite result. Instead of being over-selling, the text should be inspiring. Don’t sound like a used car salesman, try instead to sound like a fashion interested friend that is advising the reader about different styles, clothes and perfect buys.

Rule 3: Stick to the Facts

Does the shop or clothing brand create clothing that’s comfortable, casual and for everyday wear? Or is it a company that only sells exclusive haute couture garments? Make sure you know what the correct style terms are for what the brand or shop are trying to do and stick to those expressions. In the same way, make sure to stick to the facts when it comes to return policies, shipping costs, delivery times, etc.

NB: It is very important that you use reliable sources for your text. Use your creativity, but to make something up is a no-no. The brand or the shops own website or other retailers websites are good sources to take information from. Be critical of where you are getting your information — practice source criticism.

Rule 4: Use Details to Bring the Text to Life

If you are writing about a specific garment, highlight unique and special details with it such as if it is made of organic cotton, have an interesting pattern, cut or color, etc. Use your research skills to find out more about the garment if required. Also, try to come up with some nice outfits that the garment can be a part off. For example, a polka dot silk shirt looks lovely with a high waisted black pencil skirt, stockings and a retro inspired hairdo. Use your creativity and remember — you want to inspire the reader!


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