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Bygghemma isn’t only the leading retailer in Scandinavia in its field; they are also a big wordapp customer who order texts in several different formats. It’s not only the word count that differs, but there will also be different instructions over the text boxes. So, read all instructions very carefully. This includes the sample text. Slightly standardized product descriptions is a goal in itself, so if your text differs very much from the sample, it might be rejected even if it’s good.

A common error is to add information about the company USP´sand/or detailed information about a specific product, when the text should focus on a category. The products will change from time to time and ig the text about the category is to specific it’s going to be outdated quickly.

Hard facts and inspiration

Most people who go online to buy tools or materials for renovation projects or home upgrades know what they are doing. If you don’t know what you are writing about, they will notice. This is also an area where exact information is very relevant. People want hard facts so that they can compare different products and find the one that is best for them. No matter how long your text is, it should always have an answer to this specific question: is this the product I am looking for or do I have better options? Never make things up and don’t be too selling when it comes to the actual properties of the tools and materials. The selling part of your text should be about the projects that can be accomplished. And the particular moment that this tool or material will solve a problem. Notably, the longer texts, need to be inspiring and communicate that even bigger projects are doable, with the right equipment. Make the reader feel: I can do it! Or: I will enjoy it!

When it comes to tools and some other things, there are basically two types of objects. The first one is the best thing you can get for a task that is rather specific, like a rubber hammer that can be used for some hammering and doesn’t damage the surface that you are hitting. The other type of thing has a more general use. It can be the hammer that is the only hammer you need if you are a typical user since it can be used for pretty much anything as long as you don’t have special needs. If the product you write about naturally belongs to one of those categories, it’s good to keep it in mind while writing.

Sources of information

The customer who you are writing for usually provides enough data about the projects through the links in your task. If you can’t find what you need, google the exact name of the product. If that doesn’t help, it might be a good idea to flag the text. You are not supposed to do extensive research outside the provided material.

Some texts will require information about different projects that can be accomplished with the help of the products and materials that are for sale. You are supposed to be the expert, and if you really aren’t, you need to find information fast about the making of concrete, verandas or whatever it is that you are writing about.

Luckily this is a subject that people have been asking questions about before and it’s not difficult to find answers online if you just use a little bit of google-fu. If you only write one or two words, your first hit in Google will most likely be Wikipedia, which is fine. There you will usually find the history of the development of the tool or material. This is perfect if it’s difficult for you to fill the text boxes with enough information. Another suitable type of phrase to write in Google is; cast in concrete, renovate window or use a chainsaw.  It will lead you several how to guides that you can use as inspiration for your text.

If you are writing one of the longer texts and has a particular problem, it might make sense to contact the chat support of Bygghemma. It doesn’t take long to ask a question, and if you are lucky, you will receive the answer while working on some other part of the text.

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As an editor, you could try to read the text as if you were about to buy the article in question. Did it make you any wiser, would you purchase the product? It only takes a minute to open the product page that the writer (hopefully) used for research and it will make it easy for you to double-check technical data.


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