How to Write 250 Word Texts for Event Tickets in 20 minutes


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How to write 250 word texts for event tickets in 20 minutes

Step 1 – Preparation (Research)

Before starting to write, you need to do research. There are different kinds of event texts that you can write. The three kinds of event texts are “category,” “event” and general.” These can be found in the first header in the template. If it is a general text, you need to take the name of the club, the artist or the large event and research it. Every artist/club and large event should have their own wiki page. There you can find everything from results and statistics that can be useful for your text. This is the key to get it done fast and good. Either it is an event text, general text or a category text, all this preparation should be done properly. You should also visit their homepage if it exists.

Step 2 – The keywords

Sometimes you will find that the keywords are not properly matched to your language. You cannot fix that, but you should flag the text if the keyword is misspelled or just simply wrong. All other alternatives, you need to work with the keyword, and not against it, although sometimes it could feel a bit weird in the sentence.

Step 3 – The text

Proper research should give you some ideas on how to write the text. Remember to keep it fun and interesting, and use some facts that maybe not everybody knows. Try to involve it from your countries view. For example – if the football club you are going to write about has had any players from your country. It is important to use some nicknames if possible and try to write around the event/category/general text. Some artists/teams/events/games need to include dates. Try to integrate them as naturally as possible in the text and follow the instructions on where to place the dates in the text.

Step 4 – The tone

No need to be over enthusiastic in this kind of texts. You should be informative and avoid using too many superlatives. Your job is to get people to want to go to that event/concert/game and then use the ticket provider to buy the tickets. If you oversell it, it will look a bit simple. So use a narrative and polite tone, use positive and fun facts to build up the structure and let the event work for itself by using the historical facts that you have researched.

Step 5 – The different types of event texts

So as mentioned, there are different types of texts. Some texts will be marked “general” and with them, you are able to use research more freely, like information about the team/artist/event, the league or concert tour, etc. Make sure that your information is up to date. A “general” text would most likely be about a sports team or a large event or festival that people usually buy tickets for. Then you have the “event” text, where venue, date, and artist needs to be mentioned in your first few lines of the text. Just follow the instructions in the templates on where and how and you will figure it out. If it is a “category” text, you need to avoid references to dates or upcoming events related to the keywords you have been given.


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