How to Write 2000 word casino reviews in 90 minutes


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How to Write 2000 word casino reviews in 90 minutes

Before writing your first review, or if you haven’t written one in a long time, you need to read the ”Sample” that might have important extra instructions on the top. The instructions can be updated so it’s a good idea to check this out now and then. You reach the “Sample” in a menu after you open your task

The problem with writing these type of texts with quickly is not about finding good information. The bigger challenge is to turn the information into texts that meet the minimum word count of each text box. The samples should give you some ideas about how to tackle this, but if you write a lot of texts in this project – make sure you provide some variation and don’t use too many “fillers”.

It is important that you remember that you are writing a review. The tone should be slightly positive but not too much of a sales pitch. When I write these texts I use “we,” and not “I.” I picture myself to be a reviewer who represents a company, which is absolutely true.

There are seven sets of templates for those reviews, but the subjects are the same and this guide works no matter which template you have in front of you.

Step 1 – Start researching your casino

Are you ready to take on your first task in this project? Google the name of the casino + casino review. You will most likely find several texts in English or Swedish about your casino. Reading one or two will only take a few minutes, and usually it brings up some useful ideas. In general, those texts are a bit shorter than the one you are supposed to write and the information might be outdated or just blatantly wrong. So, don’t copy any facts without double checking. I recommend the site “Askgambler” for basic facts and some user experiences.

Step 2 – Identify the important info about the casino

Open the main page of the casino you are writing about. Many of the facts about your keywords can be found already on this page. At the very bottom of the page there is usually information written in small letters about the location and license of the casino. This is something you will need in the beginning of the text. If your intention is to write many of those reviews, it’s good to know that different countries have different rules. There are some small tax havens that attract casinos that are not as serious, those casinos that operates from, for example, Malta. Wikipedia is also a good source when it comes to basic facts about the company who runs a casino.

At the bottom of the home page there is usually also information about what payment options the casino accepts. This is something you will need to explain in detail in the review. If you learn how much time it takes to get payments, depending on which method that are being used, it will save you much time in the long run since you don’t have to check it up in every review.

Step 3 – Write about the games the casino provides

On the home page of the casino you will also find information about the types of games they provide. If they are into betting and poker as well as the casino business it can be mentioned in the text but here we are more interested in what types of casino games they offer. Do they have a live casino? If so, it gives you something to write about, it’s one of the most important trends in the business today. If the don’t have it, you can mention that as a down side. There are casinos today that have 2000 different slots. How they present their slots, which categories they use, affects the user experience and is something you can write about. What do you think about the web page, is it user friendly? Are the texts written in good Norwegian?

Step 4 – Write about the important details concerning the casino

What about the facts you need but can’t find already on the first page? Usually it’s a good idea to check the Questions and answers section. There is one on most casino pages and it’s a fast way of finding information about for example the security actions and how they try to prevent gambling addiction (two subjects you will probably mention in your review). But since you are supposed to write about the customer service of the casino why not try it out yourself? If they have a live chat you just ask about the facts you need to write your review. You can ask about some details about their mobile casino, how many slots they have and also more specific and funny questions that will help you to give your review a unique touch. Ask your questions as early as possible in your writing process.

Step 5 – Bonuses are important, write about them!

One of the main parts of your review is about bonuses. Bonuses change fast and it’s important that you take your information from the casino itself and not from a secondary source. To be good at writing about bonuses you need to know how a good bonus looks like and how to identify an offer that doesn’t live up to its punchline. If you are new on the subject. Spend 20 minutes reading about it on, for example: The wagering requirements are more important than how much money the casino gives to the players.

Step 6 – Don’t forget to add images

The easiest way of adding images to your review is to use Google images, for example: name of casino + registration process (if it’s that type of image you are supposed to provide). Click the image and save it on your hard drive and then just upload it in Wordapp.


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