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How to write about tires

Tires are common in Wordapp! These texts become pretty easy to write after a while, but in the beginning, they can be a bit tricky. Some of our tire text customers send back more texts than the Wordapp average. Hopefully, this guide will help you to write accurately about the subject and with speed.

1 – Sell, but not too hard…

Safety is an important factor when it comes to tires and texts in Wordapp, they need to be precise. We want people to make the right decisions when buying tires. You can have a medium sales pitch but there should be a difference in tone when we compare texts of this type of project with, for example, casino texts. Be careful with adjectives. If you state something specific, it needs to be true. To write: “This tire is your best choice if you want to make sure you get the best grip on wet surfaces that the market has to offer,” is to push it too far. But, “This tire gives you excellent grip on wet surfaces,” is ok to write.

Our customers sell tires and if you find out that something is bad with a product, you don’t have to mention it. You are not writing a review after all.

2 – Some basic facts about tires

Basically, there are only two parameters in play when you make a tire. It’s the rubber mixture the tire consists of and the pattern on the surface of it. But this is all you need to work with to make tires with very different properties. This affects the grip on different surfaces in different speeds, braking distance, fuel consumption, the durability of the tire and the sound of your car. Try to write a little about this. That type of information isn’t hard to find.

No tire is the best, or even very good, at everything. The reader of your text wants to know; is this tire for me? That is a good guideline for you as a writer.

3 – Different types of texts

A tire project can consist of different text categories. Sometimes you will focus on one specific tire. Sometimes you will be asked to write a brand presentation. Brand presentations usually attract a lot of readers and should be enjoyable. A text about a single tire is more about giving technical facts. What makes the tire special? Is it a premium tire or in a lower price segment? Write something about its materials and its pattern.

In some projects, there are also texts about types of tires. Like winter tires for trucks or tractor tires with or without snow chains. Google your main keyword. It’s very likely that some of your first hits in Google will be written by a fellow Wordapper…

4 – Sources of information

You should always read the project sample. Usually there will be project specific information and one or a few texts that have already been approved by the customer. It might be a good idea to check the sample once in a while since the information might be updated.

If some of your text boxes tell you to write about a brand, Google brand name + Wikipedia, company history is a good introduction to your text. Look out for interesting anecdotes, does your brand sponsor sports events or is there some specific product they are famous for? Mention the size of the company and if they are represented in many countries.

The web page of the brand you are writing about is good as an alternative source for company history. You can also find hard facts about most of their products. Use the search function on the page, if you don’t find what you look for immediately.

If you Google the name of your brand/specific tire + test, it’s very likely that you will find accurate and interesting information about the product you are supposed to write about. Don’t mention specific tests in the text, we don’t know how up-to-date they are when the reader finds your work. To write “a winner of several tests” is ok though. It’s true.

5 – To notice

When other brand names occur as sub keywords, just mention them briefly and keep focus on your main keyword. The most common reason for returns from the publisher is a lack of focus on the main keyword. You really have to provide some facts about your tire or brand. There is no way around it.

Don’t repeat information in the later text boxes that you already presented. It’s usually a good idea to spare most of the USP’s for the last paragraph.

If it’s difficult for you to meet the word count of a paragraph you can give some general information. Are you, for example, writing about a winter tire in a Scandinavian language? Write a sentence or two about the different type of weather the driver needs to be prepared for.


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