How to Write Solid Redbet Sportsbook Articles

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Greetings freelancer! You’re here because you’d like to be able to write an excellent sportsbook article in a manner that’s fast, precise and one that would hopefully evade any pesky returns from either editor or publisher. Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve already won half the battle: being motivated to do your best is a deciding factor in most of the high-performance fields, of which, incidentally, sports are also a part. So, if you’d like to be the Messi of writing sports tasks, reading this guide and getting mentally and physically prepared is the right way to set about it.

I’ll be writing these tips in a way that you can later apply to any kind of writing first, and then I’ll mention how to specifically apply them to the task at hand. Following these should significantly improve your output:

Research thoroughly

  • Research is crucial

This might seem self-explanatory, but research is crucial, it’s perhaps the more important half of the task. Spending a larger portion of time on research will enable you to write much faster than if you had just spent five minutes reading before going on to writing. You will include better, more relevant information, and you’ll do it in a way that’s easier to read and flows naturally. Conversely, if you just gloss over some facts and then get to writing, you’ll lose much more time tabbing to and from your resources, and you’ll try to expand what little info you have onto a much bigger paragraph, which will make it shallow and uninteresting to read, full of filler words.

  • Research the sport

In terms of the sports task, you’ll want to research the sport or league extensively. Get acquainted with the history, the players, the prize pool, the dates it’s being held, the market, the audience, who televises it and where.

What is especially important in the betting sections is to know the rules of the game, including how a match is played, how points are scored, and what can happen in a game. Reading the wiki article is usually enough for this, if you don’t happen to watch the sport yourself. However, don’t skip this part, as writing about bets that concern certain gameplay you’re not exactly sure how it works could be detrimental, as you might explain the bets in a way that’s incorrect.

  • Learn the betting rules of the sport

Another vital thing is to know the betting rules of the sport. If knowing the rules of the sport is one side of the coin, then knowing the rules of the betting is the other. You need both sides to have a complete coin, and you’ll need both to write a decent article. If you’re unaware of how sports betting works in general, you might want to look into it first, before even getting a task. It’s not complicated, and you should get the hang of it easily. Find out what a ticket is, how odds work, and what are single/combination tickets.

Once you’re familiar with sports betting in general, research the specific betting rules of the sport in question. So, for example, if you’re writing the Tennis betting task, or the Wimbledon league betting one, and if you already know how the sport itself works, then read a quick guide on “tennis betting rules” to find out about the various games.

  • Explore redbet

Next, you’ll want to compare all the various games and bets that exist to the ones redbet offers.

You’re writing a redbet text, so you must not write about bets redbet doesn’t offer. Find the sports page or league page in question by searching the redbet site, and once you’re there explore all the various betting games they allow for the sport, as well as which tournaments you can bet on. Click on them, look at the odds, explore the categories. This is important for the parts of the text where you’ll need to talk about which bets are available as well as the favourite bets category.

  • Read the sportsbook rules and conditions

This also falls under the “explore redbet” category. On the very bottom of the page you’ll find the link to enter the sportsbook or just click [here](

Once there, click Ctrl+F to enter the search, and type in the sport you’re writing about. This will take you to the redbet betting rules concerning the specific sport you need. Read them as you’ll need to write about them in one of the sections, as well.

  • Betting strategy

Finally, you’ll need to know how to provide good betting tips, specific to the sport in question. If you’ve already got some experience with betting on the sport, you can probably write this off the top of your head, but if not, you would do well to read a few betting strategy guides and select a few solid tips to share with players.

You could also talk about wagering strategies in general (such as Fibonacci or Martingale betting) if the sport in question doesn’t have that many specific tips for it.

Write the best article you can

We’re finally done with research. As you’ll notice, the research part of this guide almost double in size than that of the writing part, yet another indication of how important research is. If you’ve done everything up to this point well, you should have no problems arranging the relevant information into the text boxes, and write paragraphs which are both interesting and informative. A couple of things to keep in mind while writing:

  • Never copy/paste

Each text goes through a Copyscape check, and your work will be returned to you instantly if you’ve got large sections copied.

  • Keep the persona/tone in mind

You’re writing for redbet, a site visited mostly by middle-class men aged 25-35. Don’t get overly scientific or technical, don’t use excessively complex words if more straightforward ones would work, don’t use feminine words such as cute, nice or cuddly. You’re writing for people who are direct and immediate, so you’ll want to include the most pertinent and engaging information in a crisp, concise and relevant way.

  • redbet is your primary source of information

If you find some betting game that’s awesome and fun, and would be an excellent addition to the text, but it’s not currently offered by redbet, don’t include it. As interesting as that information would be, it’s simply not relevant unless it’s offered by this site. Also, redbet is always written with all lower-case letters.

  • Keep the text timeless

These texts should remain at redbet’s site for a long while, if everything goes well, so what we want to do is provide them with work that is timeless and relevant no matter if the year is 2018 or 2023. So, if you’re writing about current champions of some league, don’t use the word “current” but rather say “2018 champion” (take this advice with caution, as sometimes it’s better to forgo writing about current champions altogether, as that will soon change. Try to keep the information evergreen). Same goes for prize funds and other information that’s dependent on the time factor.

Finish in style

There you have it, you’re more or less done! Go over every text box once more to ensure the text is good, use proofreading software (like Grammarly) for a final check of spelling/grammar, and even read the text out loud, as this helps you get a sense of the flow of your work. If you paid enough attention primarily to researching and then to writing, you should have no problem in putting together work that is very close to a finished product.

If so, the next check-ups by the editor and publisher should be a breeze, and your text should soon be approved. Perhaps you’ll even get an “I love it”! I hope reading this guide will help you in your further work, both on this project and in general. Good luck and happy writing!