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How to rewrite an existing text so that it passes the plagiarism scan

All the texts on the web should be unique, not only from other sites but also from your ‘own’ websites. If you have a domain (e.g. focusing on the UK market and a domain (e.g. .ca) focusing on the Canadian market you can publish the same text as long as it at least 50% unique.

The good thing about rewriting:

When you are rewriting a text, you don’t have to do any research. You simply open up the existing text and rewrite the language so that it fits. Most clients even require you to use the same information as in the original and not to include any new information. This is mostly because of compliance reasons.

The annoying thing about rewriting a text:

Since you can’t introduce any new information, you have to be creative with words. Check the two videos below this paragraph to see how to go about this. Some words/phrases you can easily rewrite:

  • ‘3 or more’ > ‘at least 3’
  • ‘a 97.14% RTP’ > ‘an RTP of 97.14%’


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