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These texts are written in order to introduce a brand which has products that are present in the DIY-shop. Sometimes, there’s imported text in the text boxes that one can take inspiration from. If there’s none, try to find good information elsewhere. For example, the brands own web page is usually a good resource.

Step 1 – Don’t forget the brand history!

Write something about when and where the brand was founded. It can also be a good idea to write about a few important milestones in their history but keep it short and sweet. For example, was there anything especially that got them where they are today? An innovation, reward or a simply the company branding?

Step 2 – What products are they known for?

Please write about some of the known and popular products that the company offers. Are they made with some specific materials, like wood or marble? Or maybe they are designed in a particular style? Pick their most well-known products and describe them. However, pay attention to what’s in stock in the shop that you are writing for. Avoid writing a lot about a product which isn’t a part of the DIY e-shops stock.

Step 3 – The right tone

When you are writing brand oriented texts, it should be editorial. Informational, filled with interesting facts but not too selling. Also, understand who your readers are. DIY-interested people who might already know the brand you are writing about. Therefore, try to find the tone and facts that fit them perfectly.

Step 4 – What are the brands own motto?

Usually, different brands got their own motto and image that they are telling their customers. For example, IKEA’s slogan right now is: “Home is the most important place in the world.” That says something about their brand and how they want to be seen. Try to find out what the company you’re writing for is wanting to say, then try to convey that message into your own text, but in your own words of course.

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