Wordapp Payments

Getting paid is clear and simple in Wordapp. As Wordapp grows, we are also improving our payment system. Started in December 2017, all payments on are being made from The Netherlands. This means that all freelancers on this platform must supply a national ID number or a tax identification number (TIN), either their personal tax identification number or company information if applicable.

How much we pay

From your Task Feed you can see exactly how much every task pays. In Wordapp, your hourly rate will be substantially higher than working “offline.” Some examples of the time you save are:

  • You don’t have to apply for jobs, all available tasks are in your task feed
  • Machine Learning makes sure the best tasks are selected that fit to you
  • You don’t have to spend time on submitting tasks in Dropbox/Email/Drive
  • Feedback shows up directly in your Task Feed

When you get paid

As soon as you submit a task, the payment for that task goes to your “pending balance.” When a task is approved by the client the payment for that task goes to your “withdrawable balance.”

As of 02/02/2018, freelancers will have two options to withdraw their balance:

    1. Free* transfer to your bank account within the same day
    2. PayPal transfer** within the same day

You do not need to worry about when you get paid or ask for your payment anymore. Simply click on “withdraw” whenever you need the money and the withdrawable funds will automatically get transferred the same day to your bank or PayPal account.

*Free bank transfer for balances over 500 Euro (there is an 8 Euro transaction fee for balances below that) or with a 4% transaction fee using Paypal.

**Same-day PayPal transfers should be live soon.

Automatic self-invoice upon transfer

No more time spent sending invoices, since your invoice is generated automatically upon transfer of your money. You can then download the invoices whenever you need them.