Connecting your account


Learn about connecting your account to Wordapp

Getting paid is easy and fast in Wordapp. With the current update, users can withdraw their balance to their bank account within the same day. (PayPal integration coming soon)

How do I connect my account

You need to connect your account first to be able to withdraw your balance in Wordapp. For that, you need to follow two simple steps.

  1. Go to your invoice profile settings under your profile settings and fill in the necessary parts.
  2. Move on to your payment settings, and fill in your bank details.

Once you have follow these steps, you are ready to withdraw your balance from Wordapp and you will get your money within the same day. Your invoice will be generated automatically when you request a withdrawal.

A few important things to consider

  • Your country in your invoice profile has to be the same country where your bank is located. For now, you won’t be able to change your invoice country once you select it and clicked save. If you accidentally save the wrong country for your bank, contact us via live chat, and we can help you correct it.
  • Your name under your profile settings and your name under your invoice settings should be the same.
  • Click here if you want to learn more about your Tax ID.